In Memory of Mason David Sipe

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Mason's Dadda

Josh Sipe

Love Every Day was born in 2012 out of the grief from tragically and unexpectedly losing our 9 month old son, Mason. Mason passed away on May 19, 2012 and as we began preparing for his celebration of life, we knew we wanted to pass along a special message. Love Every Day. To us, this simple phrase has two meanings - to cherish & appreciate each day and to live out love through words and actions. 


Mason's Momma 

Jessica Sipe

Spreading kindness and happiness doesn't have to always be a grand gesture. Smile at a stranger, hold the door open, speak kindly. Join us in making the world brighter by practicing "Love Every Day"

Chief of Fundraising

Resa Martinez, Mason's cousin

We will be holding the semi-annual clean up on November 26th at River & Craycroft in Tucson. We will also begin fundraising to adopt a family for Christmas Wish. 

5th Annual Un-Birthday Celebration - August 1st, 2016


Every year on August 1st, we hold an un-birthday celebration with Tucson children living in group foster care. In 2016, we were able to celebrate with over 100 children and had a great turn out of volunteers as well! 

Our mission is to remind others to love every day they have, spread happiness, smile often and help those in need. 



Urgent Projects

The Love Every Day Foundation

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  • Semi-Annual Roadway Clean Up
  • August 1st Un-Birthday Celebration
  • Christmas Wish - Adopt a Family
  • Giving Bags - Support the homeless 

Find your inner power by helping others



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